Happy End


MA PR Class of 2012 – 2013 – University of Westminster – London. March 2013.

Lectures are over. Presentations are done. Essays have all been submitted. We are committed. Only the dissertation lurks in the dark, no doubt it’s got to be stark!

~ Anton Zhelev, 2013

28 March was the last day of school for me. I came to London on 13 September 2012 with not much besides a lot of hope and excitement. I spent 2 months living like a nomad from place to place, staying at friends, relatives, ex-boyfriends of relatives, weirdos and psychos.

I started my academic journey at Westminster on 20 September and a mere 6 months later, I have finished everything but the dissertation required to graduate with a Master’s degree in PR.

I have learnt a great deal during the course.

How to write press releases and design newsletters during the Media Relations course.

What are the latest trends and age-old issues in PR during the Understanding PR course.

How to plan, design and run a PR campaign during the PR Campaigns course.

How to write a PR brief, manage reputation and analyse stakeholders during the Corporate  Communications course.

How to carry out social media monitoring and design a social media campaign during the New Media course.

What are the key theories, concepts and debates in PR and communication during the Theory & Issues course.

I learnt knowledge and I learnt practice.

I was introduced to concepts by honourable guest lecturers with decades of experience and careers that I can, sadly, only dream about.

My head dazzled with ideas and my brain desperately hungered for patterns as I listened to Pam Williams and Michaela O’Brien explain elaborate theories and push our minds to their limits with “inceptions” that even Leonardo DiCaprio would struggle to depict.

But above all, I grew to cherish my classmates. The Chinese who would always surprise us with unbelievable stories about PR and communication in China, the trendy Norwegians who would always  greet me with smile and talk to me about Content Creation and Content Curation as I met them in the library, the English ever so elusive and intricate to me and my indelicate ways, the Spanish who fascinated me with their straightforwardness and ambitious temper. And of course the guys – Stefan and Lucas – with whom I spent countless hours laughing away at Internet memes and dissecting the world from angles worthy of TED talks.

The biggest treasure I found in London during a course on PR, was ironically or not, the communication with these wonderful talented people with whom I will hopefully soon share the title Master of Arts in Public Relations.


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